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link Facebook Announces Two Factor Authentication, Improved HTTPS Support

This week, Facebook announced additional safety features for its users. Some of this includes a new Social Reporting tool as well as an improved Family Safety Center.

In addition to these enhancements, Facebook also announced that they would soon start offering two-factor authentication for their end users. The feature, which would need to be enabled by Facebook users, will require users to enter a code each time they login from a new device.

Facebook also announced improvements to their site-wide HTTPS functionality. Currently, HTTPS on Facebook will break if a user goes to an application like CityVille or when a user visits a Facebook page that leverages an application (Vevo, for instance). Once HTTPS is disabled by an application, the user must go back into their settings and re-enable HTTPS. 

Facebook has taken another step in the right direction:

Today, we’re improving HTTPS so if you start using a non-HTTPS application on Facebook, we automatically switch your session back to HTTPS when you’re finished.

These security features are nice to have, but the battle to educate and secure Facebook users is far from over.

3 years ago

April 20, 2011